With businesses trying to feel out the situation, there is going to be some anxiety, some indecisiveness, even some fear about reopening too early (or too late). It may be a perfect time, however, to start to look at ways you can innovate your business. One way you can do that is by reinventing your business’ communications platform. 

Rethink the Way Your Do Business Communications

You actually spend a lot of time with your business’ communications. You may not think about it but how many messages do you get per day through IMs, email, text messages, or calls, etc.? Yeah, you spend a lot of time sorting through your business-based communications.

If you are looking for a way that you can actually cut down on the amount of correspondence you get, while ensuring that everything that is sent in those messages is followed through upon, consider integration. By putting together a unified communications platform, you can actually connect your business in ways you never thought possible. 

What Is a Unified Communications Platform?

It’s basically when you connect your business’ communications so that all those redundant messages aren’t necessary. The strategy is to increase your business’ ability to communicate, collaboration, and complete tasks. Connecting your instant messaging platform, your email, and your VoIP-based telephone system is nice, but connecting all of them with your central management platform creates the kind of integration that is sure to move the productivity needle. 

How Would this Strategy Impact Your Business?

Aside from the obvious, unifying your communications platform will increase your business’ ability to get work done. Your processes will move faster, redundancy will be mitigated, and you will experience what a streamlined business looks like. There are some considerations to keep in mind, however. Unified communications can mean new endpoints which will likely complicate your network security. The benefits far outweigh the detriments, though.

For your business, communication really matters; and, now you have the perfect opportunity to unify your business’ communications. Re-start a better business. Call the IT professionals at Reciprocal Technologies today at 317-759-3972.