In today’s business, teamwork is absolutely necessary to make good things happen. One of the best ways to do this is through collaboration. However, putting together a strategy that can get projects out the door quicker or fulfill services more effectively is not always easy. Today, we’ll take a look at modern collaboration and how technology plays a major role. 

Modern Collaboration

Collaboration is a hot-button issue for most organizations because it’s so crucial. However, just asking people to work together to complete critical tasks doesn’t always result in the teamwork managers would like to see. Sometimes, without a coordinated strategy to provide avenues of collaboration, you see more redundancy and wasted time and effort. 

Technology can create collaborative relationships and push businesses’ initiatives forward. By now, you know that most of the productivity suites available as a service come with applications that allow people to work in one file simultaneously. This advancement is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Today, many tools integrate everything a team needs to collaborate from nearly anywhere. Let’s take a look at this technology:

Communication Tools

To start, one of the fundamental elements of a successful collaboration platform is the ability to communicate with the people you are working with. Today, technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, text and instant messaging, and email all make up a comprehensive communications platform. Not only does it give workers options in which to communicate with each other directly, but it also allows for the unification of said technologies. 

By unifying these technologies, you not only have centralized control over the management of your business communications system but can also archive every conversation, regardless of where it takes place, and send it to email or some other central repository. That way, all relevant work conversations are saved and readily available to ensure that nothing is missed.

Collaboration Apps

With so many organizations depending on collaborative efforts to maintain productivity and efficiency, productivity software companies have created collaboration apps that integrate many of the tools into one single application. These apps not only allow project managers to dole out work but also provide all members of a collaborative team with the options they need to do their work most effectively. 

Tools such as instant messaging (in a forum-type platform), one-button video meetings, and integrated file sharing allow workers to get work out the door quicker and improve the productivity side of any business. For growing businesses, this can make all the difference, as they are constantly looking to reduce turnaround times and provide a better customer experience with fewer available resources. 

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