Every business needs some sort of telephone system. If you are looking to save some money, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform is a good place to start. However, VoIP can do more than just trim down your communications spend. There are many other options that VoIP can open up for the benefit of your business’ efficiency and productivity.

Accomplish More With VoIP

Yes, VoIP is a telephone system by definition, but that definition may be an overly limited one. As it uses your available bandwidth instead of the typical, dedicated RJ-11 connection, you have many more options available to you. While these options may scale up the solution’s cost slightly, it is certainly worth the value that the incorporated instant messaging, archival, and conferencing capability provides.

There’s Simpler Security

When compared to the traditional landline’s analog system, the digital connection VoIP relies on is far easier to secure. By encrypting the information, it is able to be transmitted to the recipient safely.

You Can Take VoIP With You

Imagine if you could bring your desk phone around with you. VoIP effectively allows you to, as many solutions have a mobile application counterpart. Your smartphone can be linked to your business phone and become a secondary line, enabling you to keep in touch with people without sharing your personal number. If you or your employees would rather not install an application, call forwarding can be implemented instead.

VoIP Can Automate Your Client Interactions

With the right configuration, a VoIP system can be used to connect your entire business. Automated menus are built in that allow employees to access their voicemail, connect to a coworker, or even focus more on their work without neglecting the people trying to reach them. VoIP accounts can also include call forwarding and parking, along with other premium features.

While the traditional telephone landline served businesses well, VoIP is now here to attend to your business’ needs. For more information about what VoIP can do and how to acquire such a system for your own business, call 317-759-3972 and speak with a professional from Reciprocal Technologies today.