Every organization depends on their information systems to be up and available when they need them. Some businesses simply can’t function at all without them. When a business inevitably needs to patch their software or perform other maintenance, it can cause problems when employees need these systems to be available. This month, we’ll talk about the strategy behind proactive IT maintenance and how it helps businesses avoid downtime in multiple ways. 

What Exactly is Downtime? 

In the context of a business, downtime is any amount of time where employees cannot perform critical business functions and can’t work toward generating revenue. In terms of information technology, it is the times when a user or users can’t access the computing resources a company has invested in. Downtime is one of the costliest of business-related problems and has a tendency to affect operational effectiveness long after the incident is over. 

What is Proactive Maintenance?

To maximize the uptime of your business’ technology, it needs to be managed and maintained. If you do this in a reactive manner—that is, fixing technology problems as they arise—downtime-induced losses are going to be more pronounced. However, if you are able to manage and maintain your information systems before they have a chance to break down, you can maximize uptime and see more productivity as a result. 

How Does this Work? 

Using cutting-edge technology, IT administrators can effectively monitor every piece of technology and that allows them to troubleshoot issues before they ever cause any downtime. Technology doesn’t always run as intended, but getting ahead of IT problems can save having a litany of headaches including: downtime, cost increases, loss of revenue, and more. 

What are the True Benefits of Proactivity?

The biggest benefit of being proactive is continuity. You keep your business going without any unplanned downtime. If you are able to have no interruptions, no system failures-—and just uptime—you are going to have a better opportunity to find success. This is largely because when there are no interruptions, people tend to see their performance improve and be more productive. 

If you think of your business’ information systems like your car, it can provide you with the best example of how proactivity can help sustain solid operations. If you keep maintenance up on your car and don’t let little issues turn into catastrophic problems, your car will last longer and be more reliable. The same goes for your IT. 

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