Communications are critical for a business’ success, which makes it only make sense to utilize the best options available for them. Today, we’re examining an option for your telephony to see if it would make a good fit…Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

Spoiler alert: it almost certainly will.

First of All, What’s VoIP, and What Makes It Different?

Back in the pre-Internet times, the telephone was the predominant form of business communication. Calls were placed to and from clients and teammates all the time, as it ensured that a business and its employees were accessible to those who needed to communicate with it and them.

The office was outfitted with all the cabling needed to support these calls, which was no small feat in and of itself. Reorganizing the floorplan and cutting holes in the walls were prerequisites to getting a phone line to each person who needed it—and, any time a change needed to be made, like when a new employee was hired, the whole process needed to be repeated.

Then there was the cable company that would charge you out the wazoo for a variety of services that, being a business, you simply didn’t use. Not many businesses really have use for television services, after all.

Now, however, there’s Voice over Internet Protocol, and things are much better.

VoIP Corrects the Drawbacks of Telephony

Augmenting the telephone with the capabilities of the Internet, VoIP provides businesses with some significant advantages. Easy to use and exceptionally cost-effective, VoIP provides businesses with considerable flexibility. Utilizing the Internet instead of the traditional telephone line to establish a connection, VoIP is a cloud-based application that can be accessed through a smartphone or computer. With the exception of the device hosting your VoIP software and the optional softphone handset, no additional hardware is necessary in order to utilize it.

Adding users and accounts is also effectively seamless. You just need to adjust your master account, meaning that your VoIP system can always match your business’ demands of it…especially when you consider that most of the “premium” telephone features of traditional telephony are included in VoIP.

Interested in VoIP? Find Out More!

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