Could you tell me when the last time your routers were updated? How about when your servers were last maintained? How old is the hardware in your office? Where would someone go to get a new keyboard? If you don’t know the answers to these questions it is possible that your IT is not properly inventoried. This month, we’ll discuss the importance of keeping a technology inventory.

The truth is, maintaining a business’ IT requires more than just running a virus scan every once and a while, or updating a mission-critical program on each workstation. It requires an in-depth understanding of each component and its history, assisted by the use of specialized tools and extensive record-keeping.

In order to keep your IT from experiencing a fair amount of downtime, each part of your IT infrastructure has to be managed and maintained. At Reciprocal Technologies, we utilize a collection of advanced tools and specialized software that allow us to monitor and manage all of your functional IT. The cutting-edge technology we use allows us to see how each piece of your business’ technology is functioning, and provides us the access we need to ensure that technology is working as intended. 

In the course of managing your business’ IT, we keep a lot of documentation on it. This includes:

  • All network-attached devices you have, from your networking devices to every company-owned endpoint and peripheral that attaches to it.
  • The proper configuration for each of these devices.
  • The date that each of these devices was installed.
  • The licenses that your business needs to maintain, and the status of the ones you have.
  • A comprehensive history of all service that each of these devices has received.

This documentation allows us to proactively understand your business’ technology better. In doing so we are able to answer any technology-related question you may have about your business’ IT. That knowledge comes in handy when you are looking to decide on how to spend your technology budget. 

Does This Sound Interesting?

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