While it might be terrifying to imagine a scenario in which your business were to suffer a devastating event that threatened its future, you as a responsible business owner must consider any and all possibilities. If you don’t, all of the hard work and investment you have made in your company could be for naught. Technology is one aspect of your company that must be examined with intense scrutiny and prepared for with preventative measures to keep your future secure.

Murphy’s Law states, “If something can go wrong it will go wrong.” You are probably sitting there, reading this quote and nodding your head because the truth of this statement is all too real. You often have to plan for the worst-case scenario, whether you like it or not. It’s the sole reason why insurance exists. You never know when something horrific might happen, so you buy into health insurance, home insurance, or auto insurance to protect yourself no matter the circumstances.

Your IT infrastructure in particular should be one of your focuses when considering Murphy’s Law. There are countless moving parts within your IT that keep it running, like server units, workstations, software solutions, and everything else your company needs to be productive and profitable. You also have to consider all of the emails that your organization receives, as well as the files downloaded from the Internet, the sites your employees visit, who they talk to on the phone, et cetera, et cetera…

You can see how a business has countless possibilities for things to go wrong, and when you rely on so much to keep it going, something’s going to eventually give. When this happens, the last thing you want is to be forced to react rather than be prepared. It’s better to be proactive and to take appropriate measures before you are forced into an uncomfortable position.

In IT, this is easier said than done, especially for small businesses that don’t keep it at top of mind. Instead of making sure that IT is working properly, they might do the bare minimum and just keep operations moving forward, pretending that nothing is wrong until it cannot be ignored any longer. Proper preventative measures and maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring that your business does not suffer long-term.

If you implement the right solutions, you might find out that you can, in fact, predict these events in at least some capacity. And, if you can predict these events, you can prepare for them. One example is using a remote monitoring tool that can help you know when your technology is starting to experience wear and tear. Your network security is one part of your business that is also reliant on preventative measures, as it is much easier to prevent security issues compared to responding to threats that are active on your network.

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