Ever since the pandemic, there has been an increased focus on mental health and well-being in the workplace. This has led many business owners to consider how they can improve their employees’ relationships with not just each other, but all of the other important people in their lives. As it turns out, remote work can be a major facilitator in this effort.

A Recent Study Confirms This Fact

Deloitte’s Center for Technology, Media, and Communications conducted a survey that examined 2,005 United States customers with the goal of seeking new insights into how people use technology throughout the pandemic. We don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to consider that people really, really like remote and hybrid work options.

The survey found that among employed adult workers with remote work experience, three-quarters of them wound up preferring remote or hybrid work over going to work in the office. Half of employed adults preferred remote or hybrid work over the traditional office environment. Notice how there is a significant difference after people finally got the chance to work remotely, and even then, there is a trend in favor of remote or hybrid work.

Remote Work Can Improve Your Relationships

One big part of this survey focused on employees’ relationships. Notably, eight-in-ten employees found that their relationships were better or stayed the same from working remotely. Included in this category were personal, professional, familial, and self-relationships, showcasing a greater mental and physical well-being. Around half of the respondents claimed that they saw significant improvements in these parts of their lives as a result of remote work.

One area of their lives that didn’t see much growth was employees’ relationship between themselves and their bosses, supervisors, or colleagues, but it’s worth mentioning that there was not a significant decrease here, either.

Remote Technology Facilitates Better Relationships

Many businesses did not choose to implement remote work policies; they were strong-armed into doing so by the pandemic, and as such, they weren’t as prepared for the transition as they could have been. With the appropriate technology solutions in place, your business can make remote or hybrid working arrangements as simple as can be. Reciprocal Technologies knows just the way you can do it.

With our comprehensive suite of technology solutions, your business will have all the resources it needs to stay connected and productive while your staff is out of the office. You can take advantage of collaboration tools, security solutions, communication mediums, and cloud-based storage or applications, all to improve your organization’s productivity and accessibility for both remote and in-house workers.

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