We’d like to extend a very Happy New Year to all of our followers! The new year is a perfect time to make resolutions, particularly for your business. Let’s look at some common areas where a resolution might prove to be an effective motivator for change within your business, as well as how you can commit to it long-term.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The old adage makes for an effective resolution, especially when you are trying to instigate some sort of change. Consider your processes and how you might make them clearer or more effective so that you can reach your desired outcomes.

The SMART goals framework is an ideal way to work toward your resolution. These goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Be sure to consider the exact thing that you want to accomplish, as well as a hard deadline for when you want to have achieved it by.

Get Your Team Involved

Your team has a varied set of skills, perspectives, and expertises, and you can call upon them all to ensure your goals are effective. Your employees will also feel like they have a personal stake in the goal, as you are involving and engaging them in something important.

This sense of shared responsibility will prove vital to the success of your business, and especially for committing to your resolution. To this end, select resolutions that everyone can participate in to some extent. This will provide opportunities for professional growth, as well as for employees to take ownership of their part in the whole process—all vital components of employee retention strategy.

Don’t forget to take care of your employees, too. Providing them with the wellness benefits to live a healthy and happy life, as well as work/life balance, will go a long way.

Segment Goals Into Steps

Now that you have a goal and people to help you work toward it, you can start to talk strategy. We recommend you split your goal up into smaller and more manageable steps based around the overall objective.

With these smaller parts, you take away the most overwhelming part of your goal and make it much easier to handle. You can also adjust your approach more easily, as the steps will be more fluid and flexible by virtue of being smaller.

Measure Your Progress

Making decisions is made much easier when you know whether or not they have historically been effective. Keep records of things you have changed or adjusted, then use that data to make more informed decisions that help you work toward your goals. It also helps to improve employee motivation because it shows that their efforts have been effective.

Additionally, the more perspectives you have on an issue, the better. One employee might see data in a specific way, while another might see it from a different lens. With multiple viewpoints to call upon, you can ensure that you are taking a holistic look at the goals you have on deck and adjust your approach accordingly.

Implement Technology to Facilitate Your Needs

A lot of problems and inefficiencies with businesses can be resolved with the right technology solution. This is where Reciprocal Technologies excels; we can help your business get the right technology at the right price, implemented and maintained by our expert technicians. You’ll find that we can make any technology implementation for your New Year’s resolution much easier.

Let Us Help Your Business

New Year’s resolutions are not always easy to follow, but if you approach them intelligently, and with enough support to back you up, they can be much easier to manage. To get started with technology services for a new year, reach out to us at 317-759-3972 today.