When was the last time you made a major purchase? Sometimes spending a ton of money on a big-budget item can seem exciting at first, but then the excitement fades over time, and you eventually start to ask why you even made the purchase in the first place. This is sometimes what happens when companies purchase technology solutions, and it occurs more often than you might expect.

According to a survey from Gartner, 56 percent of companies claim that they have a lot of regret following a major IT purchase. This number is shockingly high considering the stakes involved with implementing new technology solutions for a business. The right technology can make or break a company, potentially either improving operations or impeding services entirely.

So, what gives? Well, there is a caveat associated with this number.

According to Gartner, 67 percent of the respondents to this survey aren’t IT workers or IT people. Now, how can people who don’t know anything about IT regret these types of decisions? The survey indicates that the peak of disappointment from new IT solutions comes before they are even implemented, i.e. the buying and acquisition phase of any new implementation timeline.

On average, the companies that regretted their purchases the most took anywhere between seven-to-ten months longer to purchase their IT solutions than those who actually know what they are looking for and why.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? Does your organization take too much time to commit to a solution, and if so, do you ever feel regret or frustration during the buying and implementation process?

Don’t Want to Regret Your IT Purchases? Work With Us!

We know that technology might not necessarily be your specialty, and we don’t expect it to be. You have a specific market or industry which you are a part of, and you love what you do. What we love to do is help businesses like yours acquire the technology they need to do what they do best. As such, we can help to ensure that your major IT expenses aren’t left wanting.

Reciprocal Technologies’s trusted IT professionals know how to help you find the best technology to suit your needs. We’ll work with your staff to understand what they need to accomplish and how you can go about implementing these new solutions in a way which yields a return on your investment. To learn more about what we can do for your company, call us at (317) 759-3972.