Antivirus solutions are often thought of as something you implement, then forget about as time goes on. The issue with this is that, while you might forget that the antivirus is protecting you, hackers are not, and they are always on the lookout for ways to get around your systems, whether that is straight through your protections or a more roundabout approach.

Don’t let failing to update your antivirus be the reason why you get hacked. Here are three reasons why you should always update your antivirus solution.

Updates Will Improve Security

Just like any other software, you’ll need to update your antivirus if you want it to be most effective in action. There are new threats being developed and released in response to advancements in security, so you can never be truly protected if you aren’t updated with the latest threat definitions.

Better Performance for Your Antivirus Software

Sometimes bugs and other operational inconsistencies can surface with antivirus software, just like any other solution out there. However, the stakes are much higher with a security solution, as operational issues could mean putting your infrastructure at risk of a threat. Installing patches and updates will be key to keeping your antivirus solution working the way it is supposed to.

Operating System and New Device Compatibility

On a similar note to the above, updating your antivirus software will allow you to make better use of it on your various devices. In much the same way new threats are being developed every day, new devices are being released with new firmware and software. Updating your antivirus means that it will be more compatible and more effective with your new devices.

The long and short of it is that your antivirus needs to be updated periodically in order to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally leave you exposed to potential threats, whether it’s because new ones were developed, new devices were added to your infrastructure, or critical flaws were discovered in the way the software itself works. What’s a proper business to do in situations like these?

Reciprocal Technologies can equip your business with an all-encompassing network security solution called a Unified Threat Management tool. This tool includes top-tier antivirus solutions, firewalls, spam blockers, and content filters, all of which contribute to a healthy and secure network. To learn more about our UTM solution and how you can get started with it, call us today at 317-759-3972.