With so many workers taking up the mantle of remote work, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking for ways to accommodate these “new” working arrangements. Here are just a few ways that businesses of all types—small businesses included—can work toward making their operations even more flexible and mobile than before.

Implement the Cloud

The cloud is a great way to provide access to your business’ assets while your employees are out of the office. It also gives them the power to choose how they will get their work done. Chances are that you can virtualize just about any service offering you need and deploy it through the cloud, a practice which gives your business an incredible amount of flexibility and accessibility, from hosting software solutions to storing data to hosting your communications solutions.

Provide Hardware for Your Employees (In Some Capacity)

Going remote or mobile doesn’t help if your employees don’t have the tools to be successful in that sort of setting. We know hardware is a bit hard to acquire today, but if possible both financially and logistically, consider supplying company-owned devices to your employees so they can get their work done. Even the practice of virtualizing desktops and hardware is something that your business can leverage to its advantage, essentially providing access to cloud-hosted desktops that are accessible through a web browser.

Consider BYOD Policies

For businesses that don’t have the ability to provide devices to their entire workforce, Bring Your Own Device can be a total game-changer. As long as employees meet certain security and productivity requirements, BYOD can be an effective way to both empower your team to be more productive and to help your business save some cash. Employees can use their own devices for work purposes to get more work done, so long as they keep their devices up to date and properly secured.

Even for businesses that don’t have the ability to go fully remote, there is some merit in considering a hybrid workplace environment where some employees are in-house part of the time and remote the other part of the time. Ask us today about how you can make this happen for your company!

Reciprocal Technologies can help your business implement any of the above to ensure that your company can take its business on the road in whatever form is needed to succeed. Whether you are implementing full remote options or just want to empower your team to get work done outside of the office and on their own terms, we can help. To learn more, reach out to us at 317-759-3972.