The operating system is the most important piece of software in computing. It is the bridge between the user and the resources needed to get work done. Many businesses make technology purchases and pay for support, so they don’t always know when is the right time to upgrade the OS on your organization’s computers. Let’s take a look at some of the variables you should consider to better understand when it is time to change the operating system on your employee workstations. 

You Have Frequent Performance Issues

As your technology ages, its ability to perform will dip. This has been true for the entire history of the personal computer. As your employees’ workstations get longer in the tooth, the software that once ran seamlessly will start to slow. Older workstations tend to lead to more performance issues, higher support costs, and lower employee productivity. This isn’t necessarily an OS issue, but if your computers can’t run your OS effectively, you’re going to have some unhappy employees and lower than expected productivity. 

OS Support Coming to an End

All good things come to an end, and that is no different in computing. Most businesses rely on their computing and if their OS is old, it probably doesn’t have the new features that newer OSs bring, but that’s not the huge issue. The major issue is that once the OS is no longer supported it won’t get the security updates that are necessary to give your workstations the security they need. If you don’t update your workstations and continue using the OS with extended security updates, it will cost you a pretty penny to use the same old computers. 

Check Your Compatibility

New tools are more resource intensive than ever before and if you are actively adding to your organization’s software roster, you will want machines that can handle the programs you need. Conversely, some programs won’t run on newer OSs, so you have to do a full assessment of your current and future OS capabilities to ensure that you don’t run into a situation where you are paying for software that does no good for your business. 

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