These days, it feels like there are risks around just about every corner that could affect your business. This can make it hard to navigate the challenges of running your company in an efficient way. Let’s examine some of the risks your average small business might encounter, as well as what you can do about them.

Issues with Network Security

A big challenge for any business is the security of its technical infrastructure. Countless hackers and cybercriminals are out there with eyes set on your data, and they will go to any lengths to steal your data and sell it on the black market for a profit. They might even hold your data hostage in the process to extort even more money from you.

IT threats are not just the big ones that you read about in the news; they are small and large, complex and simple, all at the same time. Because of the scope and variation in these attacks, you have to do all you can to ensure that your team is trained in how to approach them. We recommend you take the following steps to protect your business’ IT infrastructure:

  • Train your employees: Most of the threats that will impact your business need to pass through your employees somehow, so if they know how to address them, it’s a good step toward keeping your company safe. Things like phishing attacks, for example, can be halted by secure passwords and knowledge of how phishing attacks work.
  • Implement security software: Security software is helpful in limiting the scope and scale of attacks, and combined with employee training, they can stop most attacks in their tracks. Antivirus and antimalware tools can detect and eliminate potential threats before they even gain access to your network.
  • Back up your data: You will of course want a failsafe in the event your business does become compromised, and that comes in the form of a cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery. You’ll want to be prepared for the worst, even if it doesn’t happen.

The Challenges of Physical Security

Many people are working remotely still, but even before the remote work surge, people were taking advantage of physical security solutions to protect their offices from external threats. With security tools like cameras to protect against physical security breaches, you can rest easy knowing that your office has been kept safe from any prying eyes or problematic occurrences.

Here are some of the technologies you can implement as a small business owner to ensure the security of your office.

  • Digital cameras: Security cameras can catch criminal or suspicious acts on camera, allowing you to take appropriate action. Even the simple presence of a camera can be enough to deter criminal action.
  • Access control systems: Advanced access control systems can either grant or remove access to your office or restricted areas to maintain proper data access partitions. There are many sophisticated ways to do this, including card keys, biometric scans, and other similar technologies.
  • Digital signage: If you don’t have clear signage in place, someone might accidentally wander into a restricted part of your office, thereby causing a physical security breach, albeit unintentionally.

Keep your Business Safe, Starting Today

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