Businesses must be very careful when considering how to secure their future. One of the best ways to do so is by implementing solutions that keep your organization alive in the face of adversity. Data backup and disaster recovery is one way you can make sure unfortunate circumstances don’t hold your business back from succeeding in the future.

The first thing you need to know about data backup and disaster recovery is the terminology associated with it. For one, “data backup” and “disaster recovery” are two very different things. Data backup is the actual backup itself, which is then deployed through a process called disaster recovery. These both have factors associated with them, including recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Recovery Point Objective

Your business needs a certain amount of data to operate effectively. Think about the absolute minimum amount of data that you would need to keep operations working in an acceptable state. Businesses often find themselves in entirely preventable situations where they have to recreate data or collect it quickly in an effort to keep loss to a minimum, but a data backup that keeps mission critical data redundant and ready for restoration will help you stay on track to recover from such an incident.

Recovery Time Objective

The other aspect depends entirely on how quickly you can restore your data. Ideally, your RTO will be minimal. Through the use of a backup and disaster recovery unit, or BDR, you can get back to work following a disaster relatively quickly. Remember, the lower your RTO, the less downtime you will have to suffer from, which in turn reduces the overall cost of the disaster incident.

The Best Parts of BDR

The best BDR system will augment your business in such a way that data backup minimizes time wasted during data backup, while also minimizing the amount of data lost during this incident. We recommend having at least three types of data backup being available at all times. Two on-premise in the form of a physical restoration device and a digital copy on your business’ infrastructure, as well as one located in the cloud for quick restoration.

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