The modern business requires many different types of tools to be successful and productive throughout the workday, but one of the most notable is the productivity suite. They are incredible solutions that give organizations access to several different applications that perform various functions for companies.

Most “office” tools, or productivity suites, consist of the same types of solutions, just with different functionality and names. For the purposes of providing examples, we have used Microsoft Office tools here to illustrate the value of having such a solution in place for your company.

Microsoft Word

A word processor like Microsoft Word is extremely important for businesses. Consider how many documents you produce on a daily basis, from contracts to letters of hire, or even physical mailings. Without a word processor, these documents would be more difficult to create, and we guarantee that Notepad or Wordpad is not going to cut it.

Microsoft Excel

Data visualization and spreadsheet software are also incredibly important for organizing data in a consumable way. Spreadsheets are helpful tools for budgeting, statistics analysis, and so much more. A good spreadsheet software will give you all the tools you need to compare data and organize it in a way that allows you to use it effectively.

Microsoft PowerPoint

When it comes to running a presentation, most people just assume they are going to use PowerPoint, and for good reason. Microsoft’s slide deck software has become ubiquitous when it comes to presentations. With Microsoft 365, users can collaborate on a PowerPoint document together in real-time and present it easily over the web too.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has been the standard email platform for offices for decades, and modern Microsoft 365 accounts grant your users access to a web-based platform for managing email from anywhere. Email is central to communication for businesses, so any organization without a unified email solution is held back to its own detriment. A company email system is crucial to ensuring your organization communicates in a professional way.

Other Office Tools

Depending on the productivity suite, you might find other tools at your disposal, too, like note-taking apps, publication editing, meeting or communication software, and so much more. Knowing what is part of your productivity suite is only half the fun; the rest comes from implementing it to the benefit of your organization.

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