Collaboration is key in the business world, but it’s not always as easy or as simple as it might seem at first glance. Naturally, when you try to get people to work together, you add even more moving parts to the puzzle, and if you aren’t careful, you can accidentally influence your bottom line, and not in a good way. Here are three helpful tips you can implement for better collaboration strategies.

Video Chat Can Work Wonders

If you are having problems with your team not being on the same page or you have an unhappy client, one way you can remedy this issue is by hopping into a video call. Compared to your traditional telephone system, video conferencing allows for much more dynamic communication, and it can help to get projects back on track or to address issues of a client before they escalate beyond your control.

Simply put, the act of seeing one’s self when they are upset can help to calm them down, as they become more self-aware. It helps when everyone approaches the issue at hand with a level head.

Call When You Need To

In the traditional workplace, you have the option of walking up to someone’s office to resolve an issue or work on a project together. Unfortunately, this is just not the case for remote workers who aren’t in the same physical location. And let’s face it; email is just not an effective way to get immediate help from someone.

A good practice to get into is just to pick up the phone when you need something immediately taken care of. Otherwise, you wind up waiting around for a response while you really need that answer. The act of a phone call should result in a more immediate response, and for remote teams, this makes all the difference.

Be Precise with Your App Usage

Imagine trying to get a project done only to find that your correspondence has gotten mired up by all kinds of unrelated questions, concerns, or conversations. If you are using technology to collaborate and to help everyone on your project’s team bring their skills to the table, then it shouldn’t be holding you back from getting things done.

In the interest of saving time and sanity, it’s best to keep conversations short and to the point when discussing work, be it through email, a collaboration app, on the phone, in a video chat, or otherwise. The fewer emails and messages that can be sent, the more time you can focus instead on actually completing projects and making progress on them.

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