Do you ever feel as though technology is letting you down? You aren’t alone, every day there are things that happen with our IT here and in the course of managing other business’ IT that makes me think to myself that if they just disconnected all this stuff, they’d be doing all of us a favor. In fact, I have a story I want to tell you to put this in perspective. 

About two years ago, my best friend decided to buy an investment property near the beach. He researched it relentlessly, found one that was making the previous owner tens of thousands of dollars a year in rental fees. He paid a pretty penny for the house, but two months of summer rentals pay the mortgage for the entire year. He enjoyed his first fourth of July there with his entire family and had a ball. He was happy, then his investment started to turn on him.

Despite the care he took, the late fall and winter storms were really taking a toll on the place. He had winterized the house, but the tides were higher than usual that year and he kept getting water in the basement of the house. He traveled to the coast several times at his own expense to make sure his investment wasn’t taking on water like the Titanic. Fortunately, he got through that winter and spent a week getting the house ready for renters. 

Last year, it was one problem after another. The furnace went. Wasps got into the shed and had to be exterminated. A couple of weeks later the refrigerator failed. Then the big one. When he went for the Fourth of July this past year, he noticed that the water damage from the flooding tides had left his house infested with black mold. He couldn’t rent it out like that. He paid to have it remediated. The beach house is now on the market.

This house that he bought to help him enjoy his family and make a few extra dollars was the bane of his existence. It kept him up at night and cost him more in cash than he ever had in peace of mind. 

Your business’ technology can be frustrating. You invest in it because it can really help you do more, but when things continuously go bad, it can be very deflating. This is especially true if you rely on it. 

My friend grew to hate his beach house. He regrets buying it. I saw him a few weeks ago and asked him how the sale was coming. He said, “Fine,” and that was the last of it. I was expecting a more animated response. He was continuously talking about this house with me for 18 months or so, everything was going well, then I realized what was happening. This has happened to me.

It’s easy to get jaded when something that once got you excited fails. Once it’s a failure, you just kind of move on because talking about it just drums up those old feelings.

For business owners dealing with near-constant technology problems, you are going to feel the same way. This stuff may do you a lot of good, but since it’s just problem after problem after problem, it’s just hard to feel enthusiastic about new technology. 

At Reciprocal Technologies, we understand this all too well. We’ve all been using technology long enough that we’ve paid through the nose for computer support. That’s why we want your company’s experience to be better than ours. We want your “beach house” to bring you years and years of happiness and prosperity. 

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