How has your business responded to the pandemic? Were you one of the companies who struggled to make remote operations a reality, and if so, are you currently one of the companies resistant to allowing for remote work moving forward? Make no mistake, remote policies are something which your business should be prepared to address, be it in the form of a hybrid workplace or a fully remote one. Let’s explore your options.

Remote Operations

Remote work entails someone going about their day just the way they would in the office, except, well… they aren’t in the office. They might be working from home or another location with a secure connection to the Internet. In any case, all tools needed for these employees to be successful would be available through the cloud without an on-site visit.

Hybrid Operations

Hybrid operations are largely the same as remote operations, but with an extra caveat: employees have to spend a certain amount of time in the office. Employees with hybrid work operations might attend meetings or handle specific business while in the workplace, generally more specific tasks which require face-to-face interaction. They would spend the rest of their time working remotely.

What’s Best for Your Business?

No two businesses will tackle the same problem the same way, so you cannot expect remote and hybrid operations to be a one-size-fits-all solution for your company’s needs. You will have to perform an assessment of whether or not remote or hybrid will resolve your current pain points. While the pandemic has taught us that most jobs can be done remotely, you also don’t want to implement these policies if you truly believe that they might be a detriment to your operations.

We recommend that you still give it the benefit of the doubt and at least entertain the idea, though. If certain functions can be performed remotely, then you can utilize a hybrid desk sharing arrangement. Plus, if it can be done remotely, then it can surely be done while in-house. The reverse is not necessarily true, however.

We Can Help

Reciprocal Technologies can help you put technology solutions in place which enable remote or hybrid work in whichever form you envision it, from cloud software to hardware procurement. To learn more, reach out to Reciprocal Technologies at 317-759-3972.