Hardware procurement is a challenging part of running any business. When you consider that the hardware is often what keeps your business running––your servers, workstations, networking components, and so on––the idea of finding the right hardware at a reasonable price becomes of paramount importance. How can you make sure that your business isn’t throwing away money on unnecessary hardware procurement? It all starts with a network audit.

You might be wondering, how does a network audit help you reduce your hardware costs? Well, a network audit can give you an idea of your current resources and how they might be better utilized. If you have a solid understanding of where your infrastructure currently stands, you can then look into potential solutions that suit your needs and your budget.

One major way that your business can cut costs associated with hardware procurement is by relying on hardware virtualization through the cloud. With hardware virtualization, you can effectively host hardware units like servers or workstations in the cloud. This gives you access to these resources through the Internet, freeing you from the responsibility of hardware procurement and maintenance. Plus, it offers a certain sense of flexibility that is not otherwise available with physical machines, like the ability to run multiple operating systems.

Hardware virtualization is particularly helpful for businesses that have legacy applications that require specific operating systems on specific hardware. For example, maybe you have several servers with a handful of them running legacy applications and just about nothing else. Instead of wasting the resources keeping these servers running physically, you can virtualize them through the cloud, freeing up resources and allowing you to properly secure the device in an online environment. It’s a great way to reduce costs and simplify your in-house infrastructure.

Finally, we want to leave you on this note: the latest and greatest hardware solutions are not always the most ideal for any and all positions within your organization. While it might be tempting to upgrade your devices as soon as you possibly can, the fact of the matter is that not all positions require these advanced hardware systems. For example, a video editor will require much more powerful hardware than your typical office worker, so providing the same workstation for both types of employees will ultimately cost you more money than necessary. Be sure to align your hardware spending with the position’s requirements and you’ll have no problem cutting your costs!

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