Network security is an incredibly nuanced topic with a lot of specifics that must be addressed. Still, today, we want to give you some actionable items that you can use to take an active role in improving network security for your business. Let’s dig into some of the essential dos and don’ts of network security for small businesses.

Network Security Dos

Invest in a Robust Firewall and Antivirus Solution

Perhaps the most obvious security “do” is to implement preventative security solutions that keep threats out of your network while also allowing you to detect those that do make it through. A firewall can actively protect your network endpoints, while antivirus can detect and eliminate potential threats.

Update Systems and Software

Security threats constantly adapt and evolve to exploit recently discovered vulnerabilities. It’s your job to make sure these vulnerabilities get patched in a timely manner before threats can take advantage of them.

Implement Strong Access Controls

You can prevent a lot of security issues simply by controlling who can and cannot access specific types of data. You can limit data access based on the user’s role while also implementing multi-factor authentication. The latter asks for multiple authentication measures, like a smartphone passcode or biometric credential, ensuring that the password is not the only thing securing your business.

Network Security Don’ts

Ignore Employee Training

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a small business is failing to train your employees on how to practice basic security standards in the workplace. Phishing is on the rise, and with social engineering tactics becoming more and more nuanced, you need to train your team on how to identify them. It also helps to adopt a password security policy, too!

Rely on Network Security Alone

While you can theoretically prevent most hacks just by being proactive with your protections, you should not rely on your security solutions alone to save you. It helps to also have data backup systems in place just in case something truly devastating happens, and you need to perform a system restore. This is a best practice in general, as backups will save you from all kinds of other disasters, like weather phenomena and hardware failures.

Sweep Issues Under the Rug

If your employees accidentally allow a security threat to make its way into your system, you want them to feel comfortable coming forward to report the incident. While monitoring tools can, in most cases, help you identify the threat, you need your team to be willing to own up to mistakes without fear of punishment. Sweeping issues under the rug is a surefire way for them to worsen over time, so address them as early as possible.

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