January is host to the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, which takes place in Las Vegas. It’s an opportunity for companies to show off thousands of neat ideas, concepts, and devices, and if you’re a tech nerd like us, it’s total heaven. It’s also interesting to see what trends can be seen and how they might be brought into a business or consumer landscape.

This year, we want to highlight some of our favorite new technologies.

AI is a Main Focus, Naturally

If one thing became apparent this past year, AI tools like ChatGPT are not going anywhere. They are here to stay, and technology businesses are trying to make the most of the trend. Vendors and developers rely more on AI than ever to accomplish various tasks, including cybersecurity and hacking. This idea isn’t new, as your typical business security suite already leverages AI to improve how well it protects against cyberthreats and detects physical threats. Some AI apps were even capable of detecting signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety in their children, which is pretty remarkable in a completely different way.

Some tech companies have even implemented AI into their kitchen tools, leveling up their appliances in the process. Smart fridges can now make recommendations, and Keurig-like robotic bartenders can mix a drink to your liking. For the particularly lazy, a new all-in-one laundry machine will automatically move your clean clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Walmart announced that they would be utilizing AI to shop for users automatically, and they are increasing their drone delivery technology in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in Texas. Perhaps someday, drone deliveries will be available to most of the US.

And finally, one of the more fun but less practical options is AI-powered smart binoculars that offer bird watchers information on their quarry.

Electric Vehicles for the Future

With the automotive industry moving toward electric vehicles, seeing them at CES is no surprise. There is a larger variety of options to choose from now, too, including small two-door SUVs and pickup trucks. Since they are so environmentally friendly, seeing more options available for those who want to make the investment is good.

However, some of the most exciting options are the concepts that have yet to be built and released. In particular, Honda’s new concept, dubbed “Space-Hub,” looks more like something out of Star Trek but with even more lighting.

Another interesting one is the Indy race car with no driver seat and get this: it drives itself.

Just… why?

Multiple Screens Are Becoming More Accessible for Laptops

Using one screen to get a lot done takes a lot of work. Thankfully, there will be options for laptop users soon.

Brands like Lenovo have released dual-screen laptops, but Asus looks to join the fray with a new device with some super interesting features.

There is also a foldable portable monitor that will be available in the near future.

Flying Cars… Really?

Flying cars like those seen in science fiction are likely still a way out, but Hyundai has shown off a four-passenger, fully electric flying craft that can transport its passengers across cities. Pretty neat stuff!

Star Wars-like Droids by Samsung

Ballie, first revealed in 2020, is a small robot ball that can roll around on the floor and act as a smart speaker. Four years later, the little guy has a built-in projector and can communicate with the latest Samsung products. Pretty interesting! And good news… it’s going into production this year.

Did you see any exciting technology you’d like to pick up for yourself? Keep coming back to our blog for more great tech and tips!