The cloud gives businesses just like yours the tools to become more productive throughout the workday, but no two organizations are the same. Your business’ needs will differ from others like you. How can you make sure that you have the tools needed to get the most out of your workday? You can start by implementing the right technology solutions–namely, the cloud, which can make communication and collaboration much more efficient as a whole.

The cloud works well when it’s being used to collaborate. You might be surprised to see how much productivity you can achieve simply by having all of your communication and collaboration solutions located in one single location. For example, if you have your business’ productivity suite hosted in the cloud, you can have it any time, anywhere on your mobile device or laptop, giving you options to work as needed while communicating with your coworkers. Ultimately, what you’ll have is the most accessible solution you can get, either with built-in communication solutions or the option for integrated features from an external communication solution.

Let’s use a cloud-based word processor as an example. You might already be familiar with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, both of which have collaboration built into them for their cloud-based counterparts. This gives users the option to collaborate in real time, whether they are in the same room or in different physical locations. They can leave comments or offer suggestions on the included text. Some solutions even have built-in instant messaging that allows for instantaneous collaboration, giving workers the chance to chat while getting things done.

Even without built-in communication solutions, the cloud offers ways to stay in touch with your employees and co-workers. With cloud-based communication applications, you can stay connected to your employees regardless of whether they are in the office or not. Voice over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging are excellent ways to keep in steady contact with resources and project managers, and with chat-specific rooms for departments, teams can stay on task easily enough. Some cloud-based platforms, like Slack, make resources available in a central location to optimize communication and collaboration between employees. It’s a great way to make sure your workers have access to all the tools they need to stay productive with their time.

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