How does your organization manage its IT? For some businesses, it’s not an easy choice or even a remotely affordable one. Some companies are forced to endure subpar services from break-fix IT providers that don’t necessarily have the tools available to prevent issues from happening. Others try to prevent issues from evolving into major concerns. These others are the organizations that have the right idea behind technology maintenance.

Yet, this preventative maintenance can seem a little intimidating to business owners on a budget. The break/fix method to IT maintenance is designed to provide organizations the service that they need when they are having trouble keeping their technology in proper working order. This could be something as simple as an email access issue, or a major problem like a hardware failure. Regardless of the issue, businesses would pay out massive amounts of funds just to purchase IT support whenever it’s required.

The problem with this approach is that it is rather passive until disaster strikes. Let’s say that your business has a major project to complete or a deadline to meet, but you can’t accomplish this due to networking complications or hardware failures. You have to wait for a technician to arrive on-site to address the issue, and during this timeframe, your employees are being paid to sit around and wait for the issue to be resolved—all so they can do their jobs. This is how break-fix IT works. Your organization is basically a time bomb when your technology isn’t maintained properly. It’s only a matter of time until you experience a crippling issue that completely derails productivity and costs your business an arm and a leg.

A better way to handle business-level IT support is by implementing what are known as managed IT solutions. By working with a managed service provider, your organization can take advantage of services previously anathema to it—namely, preventative solutions that aim to keep issues from happening in the first place. You can get all of the services that your organization has long desired, but in a more conveniently priced way. You can achieve enterprise-level network security, back up your data with cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery solutions, and remotely apply patches and security updates so that your hardware and software are always in proper working order. All of these solutions require a dedicated IT technician who can properly manage them, and Reciprocal Technologies can provide this expert level of service.

Perhaps the best part of managed IT is that it is much more affordable than traditional break-fix IT services. Since managed IT allows for smaller and more affordable monthly payments, it’s easier to handle than the large up-front expenses accrued by sudden charges made by break-fix IT services. Furthermore, since you won’t have to pay for downtime, you’ll save a considerable amount of capital regardless of which services you implement, as they will be implemented with the intention of keeping issues to a minimum.

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