Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, technology just doesn’t want to cooperate. This frustration often leads users to contact the help desk, which is fine, but sometimes there are small things you can do to resolve issues that you might not have thought about doing. These simple steps might save you a bit of time and help to resolve your issues faster and more efficiently.

Keep in mind that these steps are not necessarily a substitution for asking for help when it is needed. If you are uncomfortable putting any of these tips into practice, then by all means, don’t do so; get in touch with your help desk instead. It’s far better to ask for help instead of breaking things further because you don’t know what to do next.

Restart the Program or Application

First, you need to find out if it’s a problem with the device or a problem with the software on the device (i.e. hardware vs software). Try closing your programs and see if that helps your situation at all. If it works, then you can get back to work without disrupting the workflow. Just make a quick note to report the problem to your IT department. If a problem becomes persistent, you should be reporting it anyway.

Check Your Internet Connection

Connected services depend on your device maintaining a consistent Internet connection, but sometimes your device might accidentally disconnect from the network or lose its connection. If you’re not sure what the issue is, always check to see if you are still connected to the Internet. These days, most apps are good at telling the user if their connection has been lost, but it’s always good to check yourself. If you have lost your connection, then you can try restarting the router or try reconnecting to the network.

Power the Device Down and Turn It Back On

When you just can’t figure out the problem, one of the best ways you can troubleshoot problems is by simply shutting the device down and then turning it back on again. We are not just restarting the device; we are doing what is called a hard reset, or power off. Just give your device enough time to catch a breather and get back to normal. If it’s still experiencing troubles after powering it back on, then try the other tricks in this article.

Of course, when all else fails, then you still have one fail-safe; all of this troubleshooting will be extremely helpful for the help desk when you call them about the issue. For one, it will give them some insight into if the hardware or software is the problem. Make sure you can explain in detail what happens when you experience the issue. This is how you can help the help desk provide the best support they can.

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