Smart devices have enabled individuals and businesses to push the limits of connectivity, allowing them to have unprecedented amounts of control over their offices and homes. People can turn down their thermostats or lock the front door with the click of a button, as well as control how much power their homes consume. However, security is a pain point for these types of connected devices.

Consumers tend to lean toward technology that makes their living spaces easier to manage, but like most good things, there is always a catch. In this case, it’s security.

Connectivity Through the Cloud

Smart technology is enabled by cloud technology. Information is sent to and from the chosen smart device through the cloud, but unlike other cloud connections, these connections are often unencrypted and unsecured. This means that someone else could potentially steal data while it’s in transmission. Implementing smart technology for your home or office means that you should be looking at solutions that are capable of encryption. This encryption means that your connection will be more secure than it would otherwise be without encryption.

Be Careful About Permissions

Some applications will request permissions to use other applications or hardware on your device, like a camera, microphone, contacts, etc. You need to be very careful with how you delegate access with these permissions. Depending on the permissions granted, you might wind up opting into data harvesting by the device’s provider or manufacturer. Plus, some permissions granted might make you more susceptible to hacking attacks, meaning that it’s better to simply not grant permissions if you don’t need to for some specific reason.

Many of the challenges represented by smart technology can be resolved simply by understanding the nature of what technology you are utilizing. You should always understand the technology you choose to implement before doing so. If you don’t understand your technology solutions, then it’s best to talk to professionals who can explain the nuts and bolts of how it works before actually committing to a solution.

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