Today’s business takes in more data than ever before. The sales process is built on understanding target companies, and even the businesses that already purchase goods and services of your company are constantly providing more information to help you improve your relationships. Unfortunately, not a lot of businesses utilize this data to its full potential. Let’s take a look at a few ways a business can utilize data to improve their position in the sales process.

Customer Data & Feedback Surveys

Any business can utilize information that is collected from its current customers to improve. Whether this is collected in the normal course of doing business, or through feedback surveys, this data can have major benefits as it can tell you if what you are doing is working, or if you need to change strategies to be more effective. This information can tell you, down to the singular process, if you need to make alterations or if you need new strategies altogether. Besides, engaging with your customers is a surefire way for them to trust your company to do what they need done.

Employee Feedback Surveys

In the same vein as the customer feedback survey, employee feedback surveys or the time-tested suggestion box is a great way to get feedback from your staff. Businesses don’t always get things right, and if there is something that you can alter to make your staff’s ability to be productive and satisfied that doesn’t cost a lot, you have a responsibility to do it. The more engaged your workforce is, the better your product or service will ultimately be.

Product or Service Data

In a small business, you likely don’t take full advantage of the data that is coming in from your customers or targets. You probably already have access to the information that would allow you to put together more effective offerings, but if you don’t actively look to utilize this data, you aren’t getting the full benefit of your data collection efforts. The most beneficial part of using this data is that you will be able to make informed decisions that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. This can go a long way toward creating a satisfied customer base. 

Network Performance Assessments

Finally, one overlooked place where data comes flooding in is through your business’ computing network. Not only does this include productivity and efficiency-based information from your workers, it includes information that can be learned from pouring through your website analytics. This data not only can present information about inefficiencies, it can tell you if your processes are doing your business any favors. Check your network statistics regularly and you will likely find bottlenecks and other inefficiencies that you didn’t even know existed.

Need Help Moving Forward?

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