We repeatedly talk about the need for data backup and efficient recovery practices in order to save your business from disaster. These disasters come when you least expect them and can really put a hurting on your business. Today, we’re going to take a look inside the retail sector to find why your average stores need to have resilient and up-to-date data backup in place.

Retail Data

In the retail space there are some differences in the way people look at the importance of their data; and, more accurately, the availability of that data. On one hand, you have a lot of extremely sensitive data about your staff, and in some cases your customers. On the other, you have a vast amount of transactional data that, if destroyed or deleted outright, wouldn’t really have a marked effect on your business. After all, it doesn’t take high-end analytics to tell if Mallo Cups are a good seller or not, right? 

There are other factors at play as well. One is that most stores spend a lot of time open for business. This creates a need for data availability. If something were to happen and you needed to restore operational function quickly, you would need relatively current data for it to have any value. Also, the need for availability makes it difficult to schedule a full-system backup. As a result, incremental backups are essential if a company is going to back up files from their Point of Sale (POS) system, an often-confusing qualification that many retail owners may not make when deciding on data backup providers. 

The point is that retail organizations are a lot like most other businesses. They have data they rely on, or that is sensitive in nature, or is helpful for the sustainability of their enterprise, and therefore need a solution in place to help them protect it. At Reciprocal Technologies, we swear by our BDR solution. Not only does it provide the comprehensive data protection businesses are looking for by incrementally backing up their data, it also provides redundancy, protecting their business by saving their data in multiple places. 

What Problems Are Solved With Our Backup Solution?

The main issue for every business when it comes to data backup is: “What happens if my business is hit with a disaster?”, but there are several other problems that can be remedied with the use of BDR as well. With the required uptime demands your business has, any downtime is unacceptable. Not only does having extra copies of your business’ data facilitate quick recovery in the event of a disaster, having one of those copies stored in the cloud protects your business.

With our BDR, you get uninterrupted data continuity, fast restore times, secure and reliable cloud storage, simple options to control BDR, and more. To find out how our BDR can help you protect your business and keep your data safe, call us today at 317-759-3972.