When it comes to your network security, there is a lot your company can do to take it seriously. However, one thing that a lot of organizations neglect is actively monitoring their networks for things that don’t quite make sense. Why is it so important to monitor your network, and how can you make sure that it happens in a way that is proactive for your company?

Imagine this scenario; your company is going about its day-to-day operations without incident. However, little things start to go wrong. Maybe files start to go missing, or settings start to get tweaked. You might even see some network slowdown. Either way, these little things start to compound and eventually you start to realize that something is up, but you can’t quite figure out what it is.

Well, it turns out that one of your users has been accessing your network and making all of these changes. The weird thing, however, is that the employee is one who you absolutely know you can trust, and you know that they would never delete important files or mess with settings that could put your company at risk. So, what gives? Even when confronted with the fact that it is the user making these changes, they have no idea what you are talking about.

Further investigation on your end leads you to discover that the IP address through which the user accessed their account is one that is unfamiliar or unknown to the organization. Furthermore, the IP address is in a completely different country, and the logs indicate that the account was accessed at 3:00am. Well, that explains it; the account was compromised, and you weren’t aware of it because you weren’t looking for suspicious logins or activities. Who knows what kinds of damage could have been done during this time?

Monitoring your network traffic means keeping an eye out for inconsistencies like these, as these inconsistencies are often signs of something seriously wrong with your network. The problem with this type of account compromise is that at first glance, it doesn’t appear that there is anything wrong with the network access. It takes a deeper dive and a closer look to find out the scary truth. 

Now, we know that your company does not have the time to keep an eye on your network traffic for any and all inconsistencies throughout the workday. This is why Reciprocal Technologies offers comprehensive remote monitoring and network security services. We can keep a close watch on your network to ensure that no funny business is happening behind the scenes.

Furthermore, we can equip your organization with the tools it needs to stay secure at all times. We can implement a unified threat management tool that addresses many of the security pitfalls organizations find themselves in, as well as multi-factor authentication and password management solutions that help you keep your accounts safe from being compromised. It all works together to help your business stay safe.

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