If you have ever forgotten your wireless router’s password, then you know that a factory reset might be imminent—assuming of course that you have changed your password in the first place (which you should have). For situations like these where you want to avoid a factory reset, you can use this router password repository to find your default credentials.


RouterPasswords.com was built to provide individuals with usernames and passwords for wireless routers. It’s built around a community of users, for users and, of course, IT administrators who might find the information useful. They point out that their service is not useful for routers delivered by your Internet service provider—rather, these are the factory-default passwords. After a review period, the credentials are added to the online repository for individuals to look up based on router brand and model.

From a technician’s perspective, this kind of website is also quite helpful, as it means less work on the off-chance a client has not changed their default credentials.

This password repository also boasts a blog which covers tips and tricks for router settings, wireless routing technologies, and other wireless device technology.

It’s Not All Positive, Though

While this website is certainly an asset to the average user and IT administrator, it’s also an asset to hackers and other criminals who might use the information to do evil. If a hacker tries to target you, for example, and they see you never changed your factory default settings, they can try the passwords listed on this website and crack your network in two.

It’s a dangerous business, no matter how you slice it.

We recommend that you change your wireless router’s information as soon as possible after setup so that you don’t have to put up with these difficulties.

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