Modern organizations have a lot of threats that they need to secure themselves from. This is not something that you can ignore, as the slightest fault in your network security could usher in much more dangerous threats. If you haven’t implemented some of the most basic security solutions out there, you’re needlessly putting your business’ future on the line. We’re here to help make sure you don’t do that.

If your organization is a bit on the smaller side, you might see enterprise-level security as something your business simply doesn’t need. After all, you’re a small business, and hackers aren’t going to look twice in your direction… or will they? This rhetoric isn’t the most solid way to approach network security, as the only thing keeping your organization secure from threats in this case is the whim of a hacker. If anything, hackers are more likely to target small businesses for this reason alone–they’re more likely to actually get results from their attacks. Remember, there is always value to be gained from antivirus software and taking preventative measures.

It’s difficult to argue against the strategy of taking preventative measures, as from a business standpoint the failure of your network security is, by an extension, the failure of your business. You have nothing to lose by implementing a network security system, including a firewall, spam protection, and content filter, but antivirus in particular can be troublesome to consider. Implementing antivirus accepts the reality that your organization could be infected, and it’s something that no business wants to think about. Antivirus actually helps businesses meet their expected technology ROI, even if it’s not immediately apparent.

An antivirus solution helps your business achieve a return on investment, but to truly understand what this means, you have to assess just how much your organization can lose in the event of a data breach. Imagine everything that could go wrong. If a threat makes it past your defenses and latches on to your network, it could spread and cause even more damage. It could spread itself across multiple devices and be incredibly difficult to get rid of. The time spent clearing your network of threats, as well as the downtime caused by your employees not being able to work as intended, can build up and cause considerable damage to both your budget and your reputation. After all… nobody wants to work with a business that doesn’t take its network security seriously.

It’s critical that your organization has a way to deal with threats after the fact–capturing and quarantining them before they have a chance to cause too much damage. This is what antivirus is for. It limits the damage that can be done in the event of a data breach. Even something as simple as paying for the solution to exist is worth it, especially when you consider the total costs associated with data loss.

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