In 2018, enhancing cybersecurity has to be at the top of every business owner’s to-do list. If your business relies on Internet-connected computing at all, you need to invest, and invest wisely in innovative security constructs. Fueled by demand, organizations from around the world have made a point to protect themselves, their data, and their customers’ personal information against some of the most sophisticated threats ever created. They’ve done so in many ways that include utilizing cloud computing, biometric identification and authentication, security analysis, and managed security services.

There is more to it than throwing money and time at the problem. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the ways organizations from around the world have prioritized cybersecurity.

  • Education and training – By training your staff on the fundamentals of cybersecurity, you are doing your company, your vendors, and your clients a big favor. They just may take some of what they’ve learned and use it for their own protection. Understanding the risks that are prevalent today, will help your business see tomorrow.
  • Prioritize risk management – Making risk management, that is in this context the action of mitigating risk brought by threats that include software vulnerabilities, hacking attacks, and malware, a management-level responsibility makes cybersecurity governance an organizational priority.
  • A multi-layered security approach – By tracking the movement of data out of your network, and prioritizing the protection of said data, you also protect the architecture that runs on that network.
  • Threat monitoring and sharing – Sharing threat data with vendors, clients, and other entities, can have a positive effect on your organization’s ability to mitigate risk because, by-in-large, those organizations will share the threats they encounter with you.
  • Effective breach response – With the use of innovative tools that include enterprise firewalls and spam filters, the moment a breach is reported, a breach response plan will eliminate the danger quickly and quarantine any data that shows any sign of corruption.
  • Testing – Routine penetration tests to the network, as well as staff breach awareness tests can go a long way toward limiting your organizational exposure to cyber threats.

Innovative solutions and practices to ward against malware and other threats are essential for today’s business, and can endanger you company if not made a priority. To learn more, reach out to us at 317-759-3972.