Wi-Fi is a major part of any modern office, and when it is absent, people become painfully aware of just how much of a luxury it is. Let’s discuss some strategies you can implement to optimize the speed of your business’ wireless connection.

Adjust Your Business’ Wi-Fi Network

Businesses often provide Wi-Fi connectivity to not just their staff, but just about anyone who visits the office. This creates challenges in regards to security and reliability, however. Visitors will often take up bandwidth that would otherwise be allocated to employees, potentially slowing down their connection and getting in the way of essential processes; and that’s not even mentioning the security ramifications of opening your network to anyone who wants to use it.

There are certain methods you can use to minimize the impact of this. For example, on the security front, you might use a separate and encrypted Wi-Fi connection for your guests so that they cannot accidentally infect your network with malware or other threats. This also lets you give priority of the network to your employees to ensure that they can get their jobs done with minimal disruption.

If your router supports it, you can also set it up so that the router itself prioritizes bandwidth allocated to certain applications over others, further separating the processes of your company from those used by your guests.

Minimize Sources of Interference

One of the best ways that you can increase the speed of your Wi-Fi connection is to cut out some of the factors that slow it down. You might be tempted to hide your router in a desk cabinet or closet somewhere just to keep it out of the way and out of sight, but this can diminish its connectivity. Crowded areas and objects can also interfere with the signal. Some of the more common examples include electronic devices, appliances, building materials, and radio waves. If you position your equipment in an open, centralized space, you can minimize this interference.

Augment Your Networking Equipment

The simplest solution to improve your Wi-Fi network’s connection is to increase the signal through the implementation of additional or more powerful hardware. External antennas, range extenders, and mesh networking can all be used in this fashion to increase your signal strength.

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