The cloud is helping businesses around the world break their own boundaries and achieve new heights, but not all businesses will utilize the cloud in the same way. Are you using the cloud to its greatest potential? We’ll help you determine what the best options are for your organization to take advantage of cloud-hosted computing solutions.

If implemented the right way, the cloud can make your business more mobile, scalable, and dynamic through the use of additional features and options that didn’t exist in the past.

The Cloud is Flexible
If you want your business’ employees to be more flexible with their devices, then the cloud is a great option. One way you can make this happen is by using a Voice over IP application for use on your desktop and mobile device. While it can work with a headset on-site, it can be used like a traditional telephone while out of the office on a mobile application. This gives your employees the ability to take their work into their own hands on their own terms, empowering them to get more work done.

The Cloud is Scalable
If your business is rapidly growing, the cloud can help you adapt to the number of employees you have both now and in the future. You can actively control how many employees have access to cloud-based software or data. To use VoIP as an example once again, Voice over IP can be used to add new employee phone numbers or extensions in much the same way as a traditional phone system, minus installing all of the cables and wires. All you have to do is add an account, assign an extension, and make sure that the user has a device to use for it. Since the solution is hosted in the cloud, as long as the user has an account, any cloud-hosted software solution can be accessed and scaled to your specific needs.

The Cloud Has Lots of Neat Features
Whether you’re itching for real-time collaboration or feature-rich communication solutions, the cloud can provide it all to create an outlet where you can get more work done in a more convenient way. To use the above example once again, VoIP can combine various communication tools that make meetings much easier–instant messaging, video conferencing, and more. Ultimately, the features provided by cloud computing are designed to help your team be more collaborative and communicative as a whole, resulting in a higher caliber of work quality.

Not all businesses require the same kind of cloud. It all depends on whether you have an in-house IT department or outsource your maintenance to a third party. The public cloud is a fine way to use the cloud, but it lacks the customization and control you would have with a private cloud hosted on-site. Alternatively, you could implement a hybrid cloud–a combination between the two can give you a customized cloud solution designed exclusively for use by your organization.

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