In terms of the sheer amount of technology your company utilizes, we’re willing to bet that a sizable chunk of it is made up of hardware. This includes devices like your workstations, routers, switches, and servers. Most of us understand that this technology does not last forever, so you should not only expect your hardware to fail, but anticipate it. In other words, you need to be prepared.

Let’s think about a hypothetical scenario. What would happen if you started to notice an odd sound from your computer? Would you expect it to fade away with time, or would you address it? Chances are if it’s not impeding your progress, and you have no reason to be concerned, you might let it slide for a while. Before long, it becomes business as usual, until one day something horrific happens.

PCMag defines hardware failure as the following: “A malfunction within the electronic circuits or electromechanical components (disks, tapes) of a computer system. Recovery from a hardware failure requires repair or replacement of the offending part.” Basically, hardware failure occurs when your computer starts to falter, and it’s something that happens naturally over time. Technology does not last forever, nor should you expect it to, especially when components start to erode after repeated heavy use in the office environment. You need to be prepared to replace it at some point, regardless of how well maintained it is.

Thankfully, through the use of proactive monitoring and maintenance, you can keep a lookout for hardware failure and know when the signs start to show. If you can find the telltale signs and act on them, you can prolong the life of your hardware or respond appropriately before it fails. The biggest benefit of this approach is that downtime can be minimized. Furthermore, if you can prevent hardware failure, you are also minimizing the costs associated with replacing it. By remotely monitoring your systems for signs of failure, you can address them as needed.

It also helps to have data backups readily available in the event that all of your preventative measures fail to yield results. While you can often predict hardware failures, there are going to be times when you experience a sudden crash or critical failure that seemingly comes from out of the blue. You should never be put in this situation without a data backup available to you.

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