Has your business taken measures to protect its future from unfortunate events? By this, we mean any situation where your business faces certain annihilation at the hands of a data loss incident, natural disaster, or user error situation. Of course, data backup doesn’t necessarily have to be preventative in these instances. In fact, it can provide a return on investment simply by existing during normal operations.

Data backup can be used for a lot more than simply restoring your infrastructure back to proper working order following a disaster or loss scenario. It can also be used to recover from even minor annoyances. These minor annoyances don’t even have to be the kind that derail operations entirely. Any situation where your business suffers from an inconvenience related to data loss, no matter how small, can be rectified by incremental backup.

Take, for example, what happens if an employee overwrites an important file or loses a particularly important document. A data backup system can give your business the option to just revert the document back to a point in time when it wasn’t overwritten, effectively restoring the lost file. Small inconveniences like this could cause much more trouble without having a comprehensive data backup system in place, making it worth it, even if you never face down a data loss incident again.

Think about it–you’ll never have to worry about employees making mistakes again. If you employ a large number of people to work for your business, every one of them–even the most well-trained–presents a risk. Nobody is perfect, nor can you expect them to be, so having a data backup plan mitigates the risk that mistakes can create; and when you don’t have to worry about mistakes, you can focus instead on keeping operations as productive as possible.

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