Co-managed services are the IT support sweet spot—a third-party partner handles routine maintenance and monitoring without you having to surrender total control of your company’s infrastructure. Here are three significant benefits a co-managed solution can have on your IT environment.

    1. Boost Productivity
      If you don’t have an internal IT professional or team, your employees will eventually encounter tech issues—if they haven’t already—that can be a hassle to resolve. Even if you do have internal IT staff, do you think pulling them off a major project to help with a minor issue is the best use of their time? Co-managed services provide your employees with 24/7 support, file and data backup, and software/hardware maintenance and troubleshooting.
    2. Tighter Security
      If your business is in a financial, medical or legal industry, you must adhere to stringent confidentiality requirements. Co-managed service providers invest a lot of time and money into developing security solutions. Even if you go through the trouble of implementing internal security measures, you’ll likely exhaust your resources patching, monitoring and updating them. Co-managed services offer superior security solutions and simplify compliance challenges.
    3. Moderated Expenses and Cost of Ownership
      Investing in your own equipment requires you to both purchase and maintain your technology. As it ages, you’ll enter a costly buy-break-fix cycle, ultimately having to replace the equipment once it’s beyond repair. This makes budgeting for IT expenses complicated—you have to plan for upfront expenses and hope you have enough left for emergencies. A co-managed service model cushions your budget. It’s a cost-effective solution that allows you to maintain a flat monthly service rate that you can scale to meet your changing business needs.
      These three benefits of the co-managed model only scratch the surface of what’s possible. You can streamline your processes, gain access to technology and training you wouldn’t otherwise have the time or finances to provide—all while managing your overhead. Co-managed services offer packages that are just the right fit for your business while allowing you to maintain control of your IT environment. Find out how co-managed services can improve your organization.