If your business uses Microsoft Dynamics GP is Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software that helps organizations manage a number of different business operations such as accounting, inventory, sales, distribution, and more. We can help you deploy your Dynamics GP environment into the cloud.

Reduce IT Footprint and Upgrade Costs

Managing local (on-premise) installations of Dynamics GP means managing and maintaining the server it is running on, as well as the software and operating system. Migrating your Dynamics GP instance to the cloud can reduce your overall IT footprint, free up resources, and reduce overall maintenance costs. 

Best of all, the cloud provides a scalable environment that can grow as you need it to. This means as you demand more out of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the hosted environment can meet those demands without major upgrade costs.

Reduce Expensive Deployment Costs 

Before you deploy Dynamics GP in-house, consider hosting it securely in the cloud. This would eliminate the capital expense of deploying the hardware and software associated with managing Dynamics GP locally. 

Achieve Full Mobility

The cloud inherently enables easy, reliable access to your Dynamics GP installation from any Internet-connected device. Whether you have a few individuals who need to access it from the road, or you have multiple locations worldwide, our hosted Dynamics GP environment will be reachable and allow your teams to collaborate effectively.

Get Started Today

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