Standard point-of-service security solutions are highly difficult to institute, update, and manage. This can lead to complex operations and an increase to overhead cost. Reciprocal Technologies wants to help you eliminate these issues with an All-In-One Security Solution, also known as Unified Threat Management (UTM).

A UTM combines all the essential IT security measures in one single device. With this solution, your business’ network security and overall cyber security is highly manageable since the application, control, and maintenance of your network’s content are all managed in a centralized location. No longer will you have to institute updates to all of your workstations, which not only saves you time, but boosts profitability.

Does Your Business Really Need a UTM?

Of course! Every business needs it. There is a huge operational and financial risk of having important data stolen or damaged by cybercriminals that exists in every organization. Security engineers can help detect and thwart cyberattacks, and an information system implemented and secured by cyber security engineers can properly protect sensitive data. As time passes and technology continues to advance, cybercrime and the chances of a security incident grow, so it’s important to take action sooner than later.

The security solutions our cybersecurity professionals implement provides risk management, information assurance, and ensures data integrity so your information system remains unaffected while preventing unauthorized access and tampering for sensitive company, client, and personal information. Our solutions help prevent cybersecurity threats, provide intrusion detection, and give insight into your network around the clock.

Increase Productivity

Increase your workforce’s productivity by implementing content control.

Your staff undoubtedly have different values, opinions, and levels of efficiency. As a result, it’s important to be able to deter user access to certain elements that may be costly to your business. These websites can include:

  • job searches
  • social networking websites
  • microblogging websites
  • video streaming
  • distasteful content such as adult-oriented websites and file sharing sites
  • any other site that can sap productivity

By implementing a UTM appliance, you have complete control over your information technology and what types of content are accessible to certain employees. Studies show that the average employee wastes around two hours of company time per day on personal internet use. Prevent workforce inefficiencies and minimize the risk of a cyber threat today with a Unified Threat Management Solution.

Prevent Security Threats

Eliminate intrusion and stay up to date.

A primary reason why intrusions happen is because out of date software. As information technology continues to grow rapidly, new security solutions and patches are created and implemented, so it’s important to stay up to date to benefit from these new security features.

Partnering with a reliable managed service provider that has a team of knowledgeable security engineers and experts, such as Reciprocal Technologies, will help ensure that patches and updates are installed in a timely manner, helping protect your IT infrastructure and helping guarantee information assurance.

With a UTM, your network security is never a question because updating one centralized location eliminates the possibility of forgetting to update all your devices. This helps ensure data Instead of managed services, you can try all-in-one solution for cyber attacks and can prevent any threat to your company’s data security. 

Choose Reciprocal Technologies for Your Cybersecurity Needs

When it comes to protecting your business, you need an IT partner you can count on. Our team has the experience to properly secure and maintain your network. Here are just a few reasons to work with Reciprocal Tech:

Reliable Solutions

Our solutions, such as our UTM devices, can help protect your company from cyber threats by implementing dependable security measures to minimize and eliminate risks (such as blocking malicious websites, promptly updating software, configuring access control, and more), monitoring for threats, and taking swift action when needed.

Support When You Need It

As part of our managed IT services, our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help when you or your employees need assistance. From issues with computers or devices not working properly to network problems, cyber attacks, and more, we’re ready to help.

While we have our Indiana office, we provide network security solutions for businesses across the United States thanks to our advanced remote monitoring and remote support services. No matter where your business is located, our team can help prevent cybersecurity threats and keep your organization safe.

Experienced Managed Services Professionals

Our expert team of IT and cybersecurity professionals has the experience you can count on for all your managed services and cybersecurity needs. We’ve helped organizations of all types and sizes across Indianapolis (and the surrounding areas) with all their technology needs since 2013, and we’re ready to help you next. From cybersecurity to managed IT solutions, we’ve got you covered.

The Importance of Network Security

As technology becomes more prevalent throughout almost every industry and the field of computer science rapidly evolves, the risk of cyberattacks grows… which means having proper cybersecurity measures in place to protect your information system is more crucial than ever.

Your network most likely contains a lot of sensitive business and personal information that requires comprehensive information security, so it’s essential to protect your data and network as a form of risk management.

Our team of cyber security engineers and have the experience, training, and certifications necessary to implement a proper security system that is custom tailored to your unique needs. This can include measures such as access control to restrict unauthorized access to certain areas or information, as well as utilizing information security solutions (such as a UTM and network intrusion detection monitoring) to secure data and protect your business.

With solid network and data security measures in place, you greatly reduce the risk of experiencing a potentially devastating security incident due to cyberattacks and human errors. 

When you partner with Reciprocal Tech, your information technology is in good hands. We provide the Indianapolis network security system solutions you can count on to ensure your network and data are secured around the clock, with our information security analysts monitoring for attacks and anomalies so we can act quickly to protect your business to avoid potential data loss and downtime.

For more information about our network security solutions, including the UTM, contact us or call us today at (317) 759-3972.