Businesses are always trying to improve on efficiency, and one method they use to do so is mobile technology. Businesses invest in mobile technology like smartphones, laptops, and data plans for their employees with the expectation that it will help them be more productive, but the fact of the matter is that these investments are costly for the return. There is another approach businesses use: Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, and it’s a great way to save capital while achieving the same levels of productivity from mobile technology.

How Does BYOD Work?

First, before we cover the benefits of BYOD, let’s discuss what it really is and how it works. A Bring Your Own Device policy is essentially a strategy that utilizes devices your employees already own to improve mobility and productivity for your organization. When implemented appropriately, a BYOD policy can eliminate the need for a business to purchase new hardware or pay for monthly service plans. Your employees are basically using their own devices to do work-related tasks, and this approach has plenty of benefits for businesses.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Since BYOD programs give employees the ability to use their preferred devices for their work duties, they tend to experience much greater satisfaction and productivity as a result. If employees are using devices they are comfortable and familiar with, they are more efficient with their time. Additionally, BYOD gives employees a sense of ownership and responsibility, both of which can contribute to greater morale and brand loyalty.

Enhanced Employee Flexibility

With a BYOD policy in place, employees can move between their work lives and personal lives at a moment’s notice. They can respond to work-related tasks and emails even while out of the office or after hours, making them more accessible as a result. With this flexibility, both businesses and employees benefit from being able to better cover various work-related tasks, and if employees can manage their work/life balance appropriately, they can respond to time-sensitive requests much more quickly.

More Efficient Collaboration

With the right configurations and setup, businesses can deploy the same solutions they would use on company devices to employees’ personal devices, resulting in better use of these tools. Collaboration and communication can occur seamlessly, and with these systems in place, you can overcome the challenges that come from different geographic locations or time zones. Furthermore, the cloud allows businesses to implement platforms that can be accessed from anywhere on any device, provided that device has access to an Internet connection.

Greater Security

BYOD is often looked at as a security risk, but with appropriate policies and procedures in place, it can arguably be seen as even more secure. Thanks to advanced security tools, it’s possible to enforce strict security measures on employee-owned devices, including remote data wiping, encryption, and multi-factor authentication. Employees are also more likely to take responsibility for the security of their own personal devices than they would for company-owned devices, as they are the ones who bought the items themselves rather than the organization.

Despite all the benefits, the biggest one of all is that BYOD will save your business money, no doubt about it. If you’re ready to buy into the BYOD experience, consider working with Reciprocal Technologies to build your policies and procedures. Get started today by calling us at (317) 759-3972.